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Here are the top ten articles for the Wellness Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Using the Moon to Guide Your Work
Have you ever thought about using the moon to guide your work cycles? It can be a very powerful tool in helping you be your most productive self!

2. Letting Go
If you've ever had the experience of worrying about things out of your control, this article might help you in the process of letting go.

3. What Makes a Good Sunscreen?
Read on to learn what makes a good sunscreen, what SPF is, and the difference between a physical and a chemical sunblock.

4. Mineral Makeup is Better - Three Reasons Why
Here are three more reasons mineral makeup is better for your skin than traditional makeup.

5. Top Remedy for Hot Flashes
Food choices can really make the difference between dealing with hot flashes all the time and possibly never experiencing them again. Here are some foods to avoid.

6. Tarot for Self-Discovery
Using the Tarot for Self-Discovery is a fun, insightful exercise and it's amazingly simple to do! You can figure the answers to questions about yourself that until now may have remained hidden. Read on to find out how!

7. Healing Fibroids with Spices
Certain spices can help shrink fibroids if regularly consumed. In this article, I talk about what those three spices are.

8. Why Not to Choose OTCs for Colds and Flu
Before you reach for an over the counter medication for your cold or flu, consider what your symptoms are really for..

9. Turmeric Mask for Bright, Smooth Skin
Turmeric, the spice that stains reddish yellow, also has wonderful properties for skincare. Read on to find out about these plus a simple recipe to use.

10. The Secret Necklace Creator - Monica Yocom
Have you heard of the Secret Scroll Necklaces? Learn about this awesome idea and great tool of manifestation and how the creator Monica Yocom came about it. I´m very impressed with her mission and her dedication to following her intuition and inspiration! Read on and learn more about her.

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